Leading motor oils manufacturer Shell has expressed support for its mutual, positive and strong relationship with Duke Street Motors – a car service garage in Loughborough, which handles vehicle maintenance and repairs for customers in the UK Midlands.

Duke Street Motors has been in business and has helped vehicle owners with car services and oil changes, among others, for over 45 years.

As part of the vehicle maintenance and repair brand’s quality assurance, Duke Street Motors mechanics exclusively use Shell lubricants for various purposes to ensure that vehicles run as hassle-free and as smoothly as possible.

Support and Trust by Shell On The Road

Shell has recognised this trust and support in its products and has expressed appreciation for the relationship between the two brands.

In a recent Facebook post dated 9 July 2023, Shell commended Duke Street Motors Director Trevor Giles for running his independent workshop using Shell lubricants, support in which the vehicle maintenance and repair brand takes great pride in.

“We hope to continue our relationship with them for a long time,” stated Shell in its Facebook post.

Apart from its extensive experience and expertise in vehicle maintenance and repairs, Duke Street Motors is known for its friendly team of experienced professionals and its purpose-built premises, which are clean and welcoming.

However, what easily sets the brand apart is the hundreds of “excellent” ratings it has garnered to date from happy and satisfied customers.

Local Auto Repair Garage in Loughborough

Duke Street Motors is committed to service excellence and this is nowhere better attested to than through its customers’ feedback as well as the support shown from Shell.

The vehicle maintenance and repairs brand will continue to use only high-quality products on its customers’ vehicles, assuring them of quality and extended vehicle longevity.

As part of its quality and workmanship guarantee, customers can rest assured that they can take advantage of a warranty on labour for 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, warranty on parts is covered by the manufacturers’ warranty for periods ranging from three months to three years.