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Tyre Fitters in Loughborough – Affordable Prices and a Wide Range of Premier Tyres

Is it time to change the summer tyres with winter ones? Or maybe you’ve noticed slight vibrations in the steering wheel while driving? Either way, Duke Street Motors is the right place for anything related to car tyres in Loughborough. Here are the main services we provide:

  • Tyre change – every few years, the tyres of your vehicle need to be changed as they wear off. If that time has come, we can offer a variety of sizes and brands. We work with some of the top manufacturers so you can be confident that your car will have good performance on the road. We personally prefer working with Davanti tyres, as this brand has proven over the years as a mid-range tyre;
  • Tyre repair – potholes, uneven roads, and small metallic debris such as screws and nails can damage your tyre. In that case, it needs to be repaired. However, if the damage is severe or too close to the rim, the tyre might need to be changed. The experts at Duke Street Motors can consult you professionally what is that case;
  • Tyre balance – our tyre fitters in Loughborough also make sure that the wheels are balanced. This way, your car has optimal performance on the road, you don’t feel any vibrations, and the steering of the car works best.
  • MOT test – in a standard MOT test, there are components related to wheels and tyres in particular. That is why we can make sure that everything with your 4 wheels is smooth and there will be no issues during the MOT test.

Whatever the service you require, make sure to visit our garage for anything related to car tyres in Loughborough.

Why choose our services for tyre fitting in Loughborough

Variety of services – we understand that people don’t have the time to go from one car repair garage to the other. That is why, not only do we offer a variety of services related to tyres in Loughborough, but we can also offer autobody work and repairs of other kinds.

Expertness – each member of our team specialises in a different area of car work. This means that, throughout the years, they have become true experts in their respective fields.

Variety of products – our garage is one of the prefered places for buying tyres in Loughborough. But that’s not all. We work with top brands and can provide other components for your car as well. Oils, filters, parts – we offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

MOT tests – our garage can not only help you with any repairs your car needs, but we can also go through your vehicle’s annual MOT test. After we are sure that all systems are in optimal condition, you won’t have any problems passing the MOT test.

Whether you need a repair of your car’s suspension or tyre fitting in Loughborough, Duke Street Motors is the one-stop-shop for you! Call us at 01509 214295 to make an appointment or visit us at 6 King Edward Road, Loughborough LE11 1RZ. Let our team handle all your vehicle’s needs.

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