Vehicle Suspension System – Inspection And Repair

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Reliable Vehicle Suspension Replacement and Repair

There are many moving parts on the suspension system and during routine servicing we check these for wear and damage.

The most likely components to require attention and possible replacement are as follows:

Suspension Component

Worn Shock Absorbers

Worn or split rubber brushes

Broken coil springs

Anti-roll bar link or “drop link” broken

What you may notice

“Bouncy ride”, excessive roll when cornering, knock over bumps.

Knock or clonk over bumps and when starting and stopping.

Car may sit higher one side, creaking noises especially when cornering. Metallic rattle from suspension.

Knocking over bumps.

If you notice any new or unusual noises that you think are connected with your suspension call us at Duke Street Motors and we will check it out. Worn or damaged suspension components can lead to premature tyre wear and might affect the safety of your vehicle.

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