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The wheels on our vehicle need special care and attention from time to time to ensure that your car is safe on the roads. It is only natural that wheels and tyres become misaligned with the variations in road conditions. This can lead to steering problems that may make it not only uncomfortable for you to drive but also be unsafe.

To prevent these challenges, you need a specialist wheel alignment service in Loughborough that professionally takes care of your wheels, ensuring comfort, confidence and safety for you and your passengers on the road. At Duke Street Motors, you can count on our highly qualified mechanics and technicians to take care of your wheels in a professional way.

We offer a wheel alignment service for vehicles of all makes and models meaning more peace of mind for you and fewer complications further down the line. The sooner you ensure your wheels are aligned, the better your driving and steering will be. But for this, you need a specialist wheel alignment service in Loughborough that’s able to take care of your vehicle’s needs.

Count on us at Duke Street Motors to help. We ensure you get precision, accuracy and attention to detail with your wheel alignment so that you can have greater comfort and confidence in your car’s performance.


Correct your vehicle’s tyre alignment in Loughborough

When it comes to the wheels and tyres on your vehicle, no one understands better than we do how critical this is for your and your passengers’ safety on the roads. Not to mention the safety of other road users. This is why choosing Duke Street Motors is always the preferred choice.

We can help when you are looking to correct your vehicle’s tyre alignment in Loughborough. That’s because we have all the right tools and equipment to do a thorough and professional job. What is more, our mechanics are highly trained and experienced, enabling you to enjoy confidence in a specialist job with one of Loughborough’s top tyre alignment services.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and book your wheel alignment online quickly & easily. Our friendly and professional team will schedule a time for your wheel alignment that suits your schedule and we’ll perform a thorough check first that is then followed by the actual realignment of your wheels.

Although potholes and other obstructions may be a part of some roads, they don’t have to stop you from steering your vehicle with confidence. That’s why getting in touch with us to correct your vehicle’s tyre alignment in Loughborough is the ideal choice.


An auto mechanic is performing a wheel alignment

Car steering specialists near you

If you are experiencing steering problems when driving your car, the chances are very high that your wheel alignment is out of balance. This can disrupt your driving and create a “pulling” motion to one side of the road, meaning you will constantly be trying to steer the vehicle back to the middle of your lane without straddling other lanes.

This can cause discomfort in steering and can also lead to squeaking tyres and noise or vibrations when driving. To prevent these issues, we recommend that you get in touch with us to help realign your wheels for optimal performance on the road. When you are looking for car steering specialists near you, know that you can always count on the team at Duke Street Motors. We are just a quick call or message away and we can help with your wheel alignment as well as a full steering system repair and replacement service.

And if you are a vehicle owner asking yourself, where can I find a car steering specialist near me, your search is over with Duke Street Motors because we’re not only local service providers; we’re also highly experienced in providing professional services that give you peace of mind and confidence in your vehicle, knowing you’ll be safe on the roads. Get in touch with us to book your wheel alignment service today! Our team is at your service, ready to assist in every way possible.


Play or excessive free movement in the steering column

Wear on the steering rack

Hydraulic fluid leaks from the power steering system

“Play” or wear in the track rod ends

Unusual tyre wear as this may indicate incorrect wheel alignment (tracking)

General condition of all components for wear and damage

FAQ Section:

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is a professional vehicle service that enables you to steer your vehicle more confidently, while also making it safer to drive. It involves a readjustment of the vehicle’s wheels back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

How long does wheel alignment take?

Depending on the current state of your wheels and their misalignment, a wheel alignment service can typically take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. However, when performing your wheel alignment, we also look at a series of factors when we get to work, which include the drivetrain system of the car, any damage on the track rod, suspension, brakes or steering. These factors can also play a role in the duration of your wheel alignment service, depending on whether they also require replacement.

How to know when you need wheel alignment?

One of the key signs that your car needs wheel alignment is when the vehicle drifts or pulls to one side of the road while you are driving. You may also start feeling that your steering wheel is loose or that it doesn’t return to a centralised position. In addition, the steering wheel could be crooked while you’re driving straight and you may hear noises or vibrations during steering. Other telltale signs are squealing tyres as well as uneven or rapid tyre wear.

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