Why Shell Car Engine Oils?

Car Service with Shell Engine Oils

Regular car service can ensure not just you, but all passengers, that your vehicle is safe and in good condition.

We, at Duke Street Motors, fully understand that the proper protection and lubrication of the engine could be a critical part of the maintenance of your car. That’s why we work only with the leaders in the industry.

We were out looking for motor oil products that are designed to protect the engine and to improve the general condition of the vehicle, giving it the exact level of protection needed to. After quite a research, we have stopped at Shell’s Motor Oils and Lubricants. And there are 4 reasons for our choice:


Thanks to its outstanding low-temperature performance, Shell oils flow quickly to crucial engine parts, even at very low temperatures. All that means smoother start-up in cold weather, and quicker engine warms up. The new Shell products also perform better than before in intense heat.

Less friction

The less friction you have between your engine parts, the more easily they can work – which leads to less burned fuel.

Less Top Up

There are some engine oils can between 18-23% of their volume through evaporation. But with Shell’s low-evaporation formula, loses go under 10%. Which leads to lowering maintenance costs.

Engine Cleanliness

Special active cleansing additives are used in Shell products, that work to help protect high-performance engines.

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