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Is your vehicle in need of a repair that will thin your budget? In that case, you can benefit from the services of our payment assist garage. At Duke Street Motors, we are committed to helping our clients and those who can’t afford to pay the full bill at once. That is why we partner with Payment Assist, a financial service that allows you to pay only 25% of the bill, take your car, and pay the other 75% in three equal instalments the following three months. 0% interest! This means you shouldn’t postpone any repairs that can bring further damage to your vehicle.

How Payment Assist works?

Payment Assist is suitable for all car owners who can’t afford to pay their full bill. Allow us to share in 3 easy steps how this service works.

Step 1 – you have an unexpected vehicle malfunction that comes at a high price which you can’t afford;

Step 2 – the professional mechanics at the Duke Street Motors fix your car – you only pay 25% of the bill and your car is back on the road;

Step 3 – in the following 3 months, you pay the other 75% in 3 equal parts (25% each month). This means the price is the same for you, whether or not you use financial help from our payment assist garage. 0% interest!

Should you benefit from payment assist?

If you are using your car for your daily work activities and are dependant on it, postponing the repair can be bad for your budget. In this case, instead of delaying it and losing money, simply schedule an appointment at Duke Street Motors. Our payment assist garage will fix your car in no time. If the overall bill is less than £1000, there is no need for a credit check. If it’s more than that, you will be subject to one. 

The biggest benefit of Payment Assist is the fact that it comes at 0% interest. This means you will pay the same amount but in four equal parts (one just after the repair and 3 instalments in the following 3 months).

Don’t risk bringing additional damage to your car. Book a visit at Duke Street Motors and let our mechanics pimp your ride! This way, you’ll be confident that your vehicle won’t let you down in the middle of the road.

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