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As exciting as owning a car may be, it does come along with a few responsibilities. Apart from cleaning your car and ensuring it’s in good technical condition, it’s essential to properly manage any external damage caused by hits. Professional dent repair, car scratch repair or car paint repair will keep your vehicle in perfect condition and will increase its market value if you decide to sell in the future.

You can rely on our modern and affordable accident repair centre to provide the right car body repair solution in Loughborough whenever you need it. The local car experts at Duke Street Motors are trained and qualified to offer prompt and sophisticated car repair services tailored to your needs. Our rich portfolio of services ensures that you receive a complete, timely, and budget-friendly solution.

You can rely on Duke Street Motors for anything from engine repairs and tyre fitting to oil change, bodywork repairs, MOT tests, and more.

How Our Experts Complete Our Car Body Repair Service

To guarantee exceptional results every time, we rely on a tested and reliable step-by-step process:

Step 1: Inspection

Before we start, our certified and experienced technicians will check the condition of the car. We will look at the painting, locate any dents and assess their depth, and more. With the collected information we’ll be able to design a personalised repair plan that perfectly fits your car’s needs. We will then ask for a convenient time and schedule the appointment. 

Step 2: Dent repair & car scratch repair 

Our next task is to ensure the dent is repaired by making sure the back of the car returns to its initial form. There are cases when the dent is found in a hard to reach place. However, this is no problem for our equipped and trained car experts. We’ll use a method called glue pulling and make sure that the metal is pulled to its original place. The process is safe and protects the paint from any damage. If any scratches are discovered, they’ll be carefully repaired. 

Step 3: Car respray

We’re ready to move on to the paint job. Once the car’s body parts have been restored we can recover their original colours. By putting your car in a professional spray booth, we’ll repaint the impacted parts and spray the colour and type of paint we’ve selected based on your car type and necessities. Once the car paint has dried you’ll be able to enjoy a vehicle that looks as good as new. 

Step 4: Detailing 

Fixing the problem is great but we strive for perfection and want to give our clients the chances to enjoy peace of mind for longer. Because of this, we offer detailing services in Loughborough. The service offers protective layers to the exterior or interior of your car, keeping it protected in the long run. 

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