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Managing a Fleet of Company Vehicles

Whether it be cars, vans or delivery trucks, requires a dedicated approach. Waiting until the vehicle breaks down to have it fixed makes no more sense than waiting a car to run out of gas so you can refill the tank.

Other words said people don’t treat company vehicles the very same way they treat their own cars and vans. Fast acceleration, rapid stops, flying over speed bumps, neglecting tire pressure and etc, are not unusual when an employee is using a company vehicle.

Assuring the drivability safety of a commonly exploited company vehicle needs more than an oil change and tire rotations at the local garage. A devoted service center with fleet practice will continuously watch for safety and drivability issues.

Like with personal vehicles, minor problems become major costs when simply ignored. By taking action in advance, has a longer lifespan, the vehicle remains in service more often and is less expensive to run.

In an aim to answer the requirements of the fleet owner, Duke Street Motors will help you maintain your vehicles through a precautionary maintenance schedule that meets your fleet needs.

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